The subsystem is focused on the development of complex skills for successful realization of the present and already graduated students and on the support of potential employers for talents discovering.

Registered students are able to:

• Get advice for suitable career alternatives.
• Prepare application documents using both templates and free formats.
• Plan and control the results from their interviews.
• Apply for a job/internship.
• Use wide set of information resources.
• Get professional help from career consultant.
• Manage activities for successful completion of their internships.


In addition to the abovementioned opportunities the graduates can:

• Express their wishes for inclusion in different projects of UE – Varna and of our partners from the business and the state administration.
• Get specific information for activities and events addressed to graduated students from the UE – Varna.

The registered employers can:

• Announce job and internship positions.
• Search for suitable for their positions students with the help of the Career Center.
• Inform about their initiatives focused on the career development of the students (with presentations, competitions, etc.)
• Get qualified help from the “Alumni and Careers” officers and select most suitable for them candidates and/or means of access to the student community.