Икономически университет - Варна
UEBN – Мрежа за сътрудничество с бизнеса


Corneel Gerts Transport Group

Правен статут на организацията: Дружество, регистрирано по Търговския закон

Седалище на организацията: Scheepstraat 2, 3630 Maasmechelen

Направления на сътрудничество с ИУ – Варна:

  • менторство на студенти при постъпване на работа
  • менторство на студенти при организация на студентски стажове
  • менторство на студенти при посещения в практиката
  • организиране на съвместни събития с представители на ИУ – Варна (конференции, семинари, форуми и др.)
  • съвместни консултантски проекти с представители на ИУ – Варна
  • участие в учебния процес (участие в лекции, семинарни занятия, предоставяне на информация за студентски проекти и др.)

Уебсайт: http://cgeerts.be/

Quality is a very conscious choice, just as much for our family business as for the customer. The price pressure in our industry weighs very heavy, and those who only use price as their selection criterion will always find someone who is prepared to do the job for less.
We very deliberately choose quality in everything we do. First as regards all our employees, the choice of our rolling stock, the development of our networks and location of our branches, the choice of partners with whom we want to take our service to a higher level. Quality is also the watchword for the continuation of the family business by our three sons, the financial stability that my wife Véronique closely monitors on a daily basis.

‘To stand still is to go backwards’ and that certainly does not fit with the future-oriented strategy developed by Corneel Geerts Transportgroup. If the challenge of the future is to be met head-on, every part of the organisation needs to be critically scrutinised. ‘Quality’ is also the courage to do this.

As a transport company with over half a century of experience, we have increasingly been focusing on logistics services in the last few years, as a logical complement to our transport activities. The acquisition of the site in Maasmechelen is a major step forward for Corneel Geerts Transportgroup, for both transport and logistics.